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Bachelorettes! Or Girls Night Out !

For a fabulous bachelorette party we recommend the ‘Let’s talk about Sex Workshop’.

For a new exciting night out or in with your friends, you can host any of these workshop !!

I first met Gaia at a Bachelorette workshop. I will admit I didn’t really expect too much from the class. I thought we would get some tips and tricks and be on our way. But instead we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. Gaia’s ability to connect with each person and provide knowledge and wisdom was incredible. She was able to provide the entire group with sexual feedback that would surely change their sexual relationships from this point forward.  The information she shared spoke directly to those in the room.  Enabling each woman to benefit greatly. I know I did. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Shelby Foster, Cambridge, ON

Happiness - Stop! Drop! & Wiggle: How to become happy in 7 easy steps.

Discover how you can choose to be happy in every moment of your day just because you are alive. Learn to change your negative emotional default expression over time. Most important: You can laugh and wiggle your way to the happy life your soul truly desires! We will be using Gaia Shawna Morrissette’s book “Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! : 7 easy steps to happiness” as our reference! Let the wiggling begin!

Succulent Living; Practical tantra for everyday!

Learn to experience pleasure in all areas of your life. Becoming aware and present in your body and be in the moment. Learn basic tantra techniques and to bring them into your daily life. Pleasure is not just for the bedroom it is for everywhere, anytime! You deserve to experience a life of joy, connection, awareness and PLEASURE . Start living that life TODAY!!

Let’s talk about Sex

Open forum on all and any sex related topics including communication, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, toys, positions, Orgasms and more. We start this workshop with participants writing down there concerns, questions and topics of interest on a piece of paper, it is completely anonymous so there is no need for shyness or discomfort: you will be in a safe space.

Event planners, university faculty and people looking for presenters!

Each workshop topic can be one time experience or can be turned into intensive 6-8 week course or ongoing. Looking to add some spice to your vacation programmes. Gaia will customize workshop, seminars, course to accommodate you and your clients needs!!!

Sexual Wellness Workshop

Let’s Talk about Sexual Wellness event:Are you happy with your sex life? Would you like to make it better? Would you like to take it to the next level? Come meet Gaia S. Morrissette, world renowned sexual wellness coach and published author, for an engaging experience that will have you exploring beliefs, knowledge and joy. Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Let go of shame or sexual dislike
  • Improve your sexual knowledge
  • Explore new levels of pleasure
  • Gain knowledge of how the “5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness” affect all areas of your life

What is Sexual Wellness? Sexual wellness encompasses sexuality as a whole within five different aspects: Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration, and Sacred. If any one of these aspects are out of whack, then it will affect the rest of your sexuality. Your sexual wellness impacts the rest of your life including your mind, body and spirit. Each aspect is important for you to nurture and discover so you may have healthy sexual relationships with yourself and others. It is important to understand when within this context, the use of the word sexuality does not simply refer to the act of sexual activity or orgasm, which is a very good part, but is only a small part of sexuality. Gaia S. Morrissette considers sexuality as a whole, which affects our physical health, happiness, passion, creativity, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Gaia is super excited to meet you and support your sexual wellness!! See you soon!

Art of Self Loving: Getting more from your masturbation, whacking off, rubbing one out sessions

Learn about Tantric sexual energy, exploring full body orgasms, experiencing toe-gasms, armpit-gasms, knee-gasms and many, many other types of intense pleasure and release in any part of your body, creating a loving sexual relationship with yourself. Discover how you can experience new levels of pleasure! Solidify the connection between self- love, self-acceptance and body image. The deeper and more fulfilling your solo sex life is, the more skills and knowledge you have to give and receive pleasure with a partner or partners. Learn the importance of letting go of shame and guilt about masturbation.

Self- pleasure, Self-Love is everyone right and is important part of a healthy sexual life!

Kink After Trauma

We are who we are today based on our past history the good, the naughty and the ugly. The likelihood of you being or playing with someone that has had a past of trauma is very high. Whether you are D or S or Switch, this workshop will benefit you and everyone you play with.

Learn what it may physically look like when you or your play partner is triggered. Learn concrete coping strategies to bring someone back into their body and return to the present. Learn new safety skills on how to support your play partner during the scene and with aftercare. Learn how to take care of and ask for what you need emotional, physical and sexual before, during and after.

Past trauma does not mean you can’t experience and have a healthy, joyful, kinky, dark, adventurous, sexual life. It just means you need to communicate, understand and create safety.

Make your Lover Scream your Name: Advanced Foreplay!!

In this fun, playful and safe workshop, discover how to take foreplay, oral sex and touch to the next level. Develop new skills with hands on techniques that will have your lover(s) squirming and begging for more.


50 Shades of Play: with Gaia Morrissette founder of Succulent Living

Read the book, and now feeling deliciously intrigued to add some kink play to your own romance? We’ll discuss the book together and discuss new techniques for communicating fantasies and desires to your partners. Learn about all the possibilities of opening up your relationships for role play adventuring. Be inspired to grow and develop a fantasy repertoire. Bring lots of questions and we’ll discuss the many different kinds of play we loved to read (loved to fantasize about) between Anastasia and Christian but want more. Gaia will take you on a tour of a myriad of kinky delights and how to get started with your own exploration.

World of tantra massage

Spanking 101:

Discover the do’s and do not’s of spanking! Explore safe, sensual and pleasurable spanking techniques. In this hands on workshop we will have live demo’s and practice time that will be guided and facilitated by world renown sex coach and educator Gaia S. Morrissette 

Flashing your Fantasies and Desire

This interactive dynamic workshop you will learn: that your desires and fantasies are perfect and you do not need to be ashamed of them. Explore the difference between fantasy and making a desire reality. Gain skills in areas of negotiation and communication with your partner or partners. Discover the importance of letting go of fear, shame and guilt about your sexual fantasy and desires. After you have participated you will feel more confident and even be inspired with a few new fantasy to add to your spank bank!!!!

Male Ejaculation Mastery Workshop

Are you tired of your penis making all the decision? Would it not be nice to feel confident that you are in control of when you want to cum/ejaculate?

Here are the benefits you will discover from having ejaculation mastery (muahahah world domination)

  • You can support your lover or lovers in being able to have an orgasm or 10
  • Prolong sexual experiences (can now have wild crazy monkey sex for hours)
  • More intense ejaculation/ orgasm (your toes will curl and your eyes will roll back in your head)
  • Building your self-esteem and confidence as a lover (you will be a rock star worshipped by all)
  • Experience more bodily orgasmic bliss (toe-gasms, ear-gasms and even knee-gasms)

It’s time to spice things up!

How to bring light kinky play into your sex life: using blindfolds, silk scarves, light spanking , role play, toys, games and being more sexual wild and adventurous.. Learn negotiation and communication skills and strategies. This interactive seminar will give you the skills, the confidence and inspiration to heat up your sex life.

Square peg, round hole? Tired of trying to fit?

Learn the basics about Swinging, Nudism, Polyamory, BDSM. This interactive entertaining seminar and is filled with helpful tips and resources to support new pleasure, relationship and interpersonal freedoms. Come find your square hole or holes!!

Food play and exploration

Taking chocolate and strawberries to the next level.

Food and eating can be a very enjoyable, sensual, sensory and sexual experience alone, with a partner or partners. Learn how to see all types of food with new pleasure possibilities. Learn food safety and preparation. Explore all the different ways in which food play can be a part of your sexual life: the playful, the sensual, the messy and the kinky. What would you do with a juicy mango, a head of broccoli, cherry pie filling, and frozen block of cheese?

Kinky drumming

a beautiful womans figure covered in 100s and 1000s.  Combines impact play (spanking) with tribal drumming.Conga

 Image the sexual music of moans, screams, whimper with the magick of the tribal drum beat…. Music for the gods!! Come learn how to play your submissive human drum like fine- tuned tribal drums. Come learn to play and experience the primal energy of the tribal drum. Come experience the freedom of surrender and express sounds of pain and pleasure to add your part to the music. In this very interactive workshop learn, experience and fine tune skills of negotiation, eye hand coordination, reading body language and playfulness. Let’s make music together!!!

Succulent Drumming: Awakening and Experience Pleasure

Come experience a safe space to let go of fear, self-doubt, and shame about sensual, sexual pleasure. Learn to use your drum and your vocal cords to express joy, arousal, and pleasure. Through this interactive drumming experience you will allow you to become more aware of your body, heart, mind and sexual spirit. In each drumming session we have Q/A time to talk openly about sex and relationship. It all done by anonymous written questions! Allow your body to experience tingling vibration of ecstasy pleasure that can last up to two days after a drumming session. WOW!!! Let’s make some divine music and get tingling with pleasure together!

Food kink and fetish play party

Does the smell of BBQ meat make you wet or hard? 

Does going to the grocery store make your heart beat faster with excitement of all the possibilities of sexual, sensory pleasure? Does combining food with sexual activities make sense to you the best of both worlds coming together? Do you wish you could explore deeper with like-minded people?

Then join me for an evening of yummy laughter, moaning, screaming, writhing and delightful pleasure!!!

To learn where and when pre-scheduled workshops are happening
visit the calendar.

All these workshops are also available in private,
one on one, or can be customized for your needs.

Contact Gaia for full details
519-998-8619 or