Trauma Recovery Tuesdays

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It is Time to Reclaim and take back your POWER with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette. :

Join her every Tuesday morning EST to explore how past trauma is controlling your present life! How to become free from the the past pains and negative blockage so you can create a life of happiness, safety, love and pleasure!

Here are some of the past topics covered:
*What is Trauma?
*What are triggers?
*Power of learning to listen and trust your intuition
*When you trust yourself it helps to create safety in your world
*Effect of past trauma has on your sex life
* Choosing happiness
* How to stop the stress and anxiety using theta brain wave meditation
*How to make pleasure safe again
*What are the different types of pleasure
*What is unconditional love
*Jealousy is not love
*Jealousy is a endless pit
*What is conditional love
*Your Courage can inspire others
*Self care; why,what and how
*Create your self care list