Transcendent Thursdays Videos


Discover your magickal self. Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette wants to share with you her Magickal self and gifts.

Come join Gaia Morrissette every Thursday morning EST to talk about magick ,energy and the universe. Here are some of the topics she has already covered:
*What is Magick
*How to listen to your intitution
*Magickal Ethics
*Protection bubble
* Tantra
*Surrendering, trusting and becoming humble.
*The consequences of what happens when are ego gets in the way.
*Time to become the universe of love and lights bitch
* Money manifestation with orgasm magick
*The power and magick of Gratitude!!
*The Magickal power of menstruation and the female cycles
*Learning to be in the flow with your flow!!
*How to connect to the universe through music
* Drum magick