Gaia has a great teaching style, informative and relaxed. She is easy to understand . I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned. I highly recommend her! I was nervous at first. I got comfortable and now I am very relaxed and ready to explore.

Spanking 101 attendee A, Barrie, On

50 shades of play workshop: I discovered the ability to enjoy touch and taste. Gaia is open , honest and her willingness to talk about how to improve your sex life was refreshing. These workshop helped me to understand the body and how many orgasmic spot we have.

Desire Resort, student 2013, Mexico

Gaia ‘s Workshops are great. She shows many new ideas and thoughts to our sexual experiences. Her Ideas promoted a lot of conversations with my wife and myself. Gais’s such a fun person. Her stories and life mades the classes fun. The Classes really added a lot to our time at Desire resorts

Steve L., Desire Resort, Mexico

Getting a Yoni massage from Gaia is one of the best self enquiry adventures I have ever taken. If you want to connect with your physical, emotional, spiritual self on the deepest level allow yourself to receive this amazing offering that is unlike any other!! Gift yourself with this love and attention you know you deserve. Be brave to know yourself more. The Yoni massage lends to release and relinquishing in a way that brings revitalization and rejuvenation. Moving energy that may be guarded helps us to see the world more brightly. Really words cannot express the holistic effects the whole treatment Gaia offers as a healing journey of self care and furthermore…celebration!! Thank you Gaia forever!

A, Costa Rica

It’s so refreshing to talk plainly and honestly about sexuality, and about starting with loving yourself first! Chris- Sexual Wellness seminar in Kitchener, On

Chris- Sexual Wellness seminar in Kitchener, On

It is often said that “when the students is ready the teacher will appear” Gaia Appeared in my life when I was ready to learn, grow and heal sexually. I was ready to take the risks needed to heal the broken places in my life. I was ready to try a different path to healing.

Gaia’s knowledge of sexuality and trauma; her skills as a teacher, facilitator and healer; her respect for me and my healing path have resulted in change that I didn’t believe was possible before I met her.
Gaia provides me with a safe and supportive space to experience touch and my sexuality in a new healthy way. She has become my teacher, guide , cheerleader and collaborator.

My healing journey is not finished. Gaia will continue to help me learn and grow. She will continue to foster my new belief that the trauma does not have to control me and the broken places don’t have to stop me.

Liz, Buffalo NY

It was a very comfortable atmosphere with Gaia even though I never attended a workshop of this nature before. Attendee- Sexual Wellness seminar in Kitchener, On

Attendee- Sexual Wellness seminar in Kitchener, On

Gaia was an amazing instructor! She made everyone feel very comfortable to ask questions and the whole evening was very educational. She really opened our minds to talking about sex and learning new things.

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

Not only educational but just a blast to get closer to the group of friends on a WHOLE new level!

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

This sexual wellness seminar was incredible. I learned many things today about myself. Gaia is Amazing!

Attendee- Sexual Wellness seminar in Cambridge, On

I think every women needs to learn about herself and lover to help increase not only intimacy but about yourself and your wants and needs. People need to be comfortable with who they are. Sex is real and women have wants/needs too. It doesn’t need to be a secret.

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

I felt comfortable and safe, at this sexual wellness seminar, I loved the time Gaia took to fully address each question in detail.

Attendee- Sexual Wellness seminar in Cambridge, On

I feel way more comfortable to go home to my partner and discussing the things I learned in an open way!

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

What a Fun and very informative group discussion. I would definitely recommend this type of educational event to any woman!

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

Felt comfortable and confident with the new information and ideas I received from Gaia.

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

I loved how doable Gaia made everything seem. She gave me ways to improve intimacy, sex life, intercourse and everything in between. It was amazing to have the bay steps laid out before working up to the bigger stuff.

Attendee- Sexual Wellness seminar in Cambridge, On

Gaia was fabulous! She made us feel very comfortable.

Attendee- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

I felt very happy throughout the party and excited to try new things with my husband. I loved how natural all the content was and how amazing our bodies are.

Lindsay- Bachelorette in Orillia, On

At this Sexual Wellness seminar I learned so much and feel motivated to on my own sexuality, something I was always nervous and ashamed to do. Now I feel empowered

Danielle- Sexual Wellness seminar in Cambridge, On

Although I was nervous at first Gaia was so great at making me comfortable and at ease. Through her energy, I was able to explore parts of my yoni I’d never felt before and find a deep profound power inside me I never knew I had. She helped me push past all my fears to love, honour and embrace myself as a woman and as a magical being. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am forever changed from this.

Sister Goddess SL, Toronto, ON

As a Thriving survivor , Gaia’s words and wisdom are delivered in away that I can learn and heal my not so sexy experiences. Thank you for creating a safe space , where I cab learn, explore,heal and grow. Best coach EVER! Attendee KittyKat – Art of Self Love workshop- Waterloo , On

As a Thriving survivor , Gaia's words and wisdom are delivered in away that I can learn and heal my not so sexy experiences. Thank you for creating a safe space , where I cab learn, explore,heal and grow. Best coach EVER! Attendee KittyKat - Art of Self Love workshop- Waterloo , On

Being 50, single , afraid of sex and beginning to think that I was unable to enjoy even self sexual pleasure, I thought this part of my life was completely dead. Sister Goddess Gaia has a wonderful loving ,healing touch that made me realize that I am still alive!She creates and atmosphere of trust and safety. Thank you for helping me discover that I can still be juicy !!!

Sister Goddess LM, California

In this workshop I felt open, comfortable and excited to learn more!! Attendee R.S.- Art of Self Love workshop- Waterloo , On

Attendee R.S.- Art of Self Love workshop- Waterloo , On

I have suffered the after effects of an early sexual trauma for decades. In an amazingly short period of time Gaia has transformed my sexuality and sex life. Each meeting with her I learn new things about myself and about sexuality in general. And at each session I have surprised myself with what I have learned and what I have accomplished. Gaia immediately put me at ease and created a safe environment for me to explore and get past my wounds and misunderstandings about myself. She knows her stuff. Not only did I learn things about my own sexuality but also some things about sex I had never encountered before.

Carl, PhD of Philosophy, Ghana

Gaia was informative, kept to the topic and shared her personal experiences . I learn the importance of getting to know myself better! Attendee C – Art of Self Love- Waterloo , On

Attendee C - Art of Self Love- Waterloo , On

Advance Foreplay Workshop:” Session was well explained, then interactive demonstrations help maintain the learned behaviour. I learned about changing pressure and the importance of pleasure zones. My favourite part of the workshop was the demonstration especially the last one lick, nibble,lick, bite and kiss. Gaia is awesome.” Dan from Toronto, Ontario Can.

Dan Toronto, Ontario , Can.

I feel very blessed to have had a opportunity to have meet Gaia. I had an Amazing Healing Session. Gaia has a special way of Creating a sacred space that allowed me to really feel safe. She guided me into getting in touch with some fears, wound and shame issues that were blocking my sexuality, and she help me to be able to start letting them go ! For me this session was a huge piece for my personal and spiritual growth. She is a very intuitive and gifted healer. Looking forward to another session…. Even if I have to fly her to me in California. She is definitely one of a Kind! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being you..!

Cindy Violette, Professional Poker Player, LosAngeles, California

50 shades of Play Workshop : “I loved learning new terms and concepts. I loved Gaia’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic of sexuality. This made our Desire vacation more exciting.”

Mark H., Desire Resort, Mexico

I participated in the bathing ritual and the yoni massage. I am working on self love, relaxation, and self acceptance. Gaia began our time together with a beautiful, gentle, respectful ceremony and us both expressing our needs and offering to each other over the session. With low lights, incense and oils the bath was completely welcoming. Gaia is very comfortable with herself and gentle and respectful of others. She created a very safe space and atmosphere that allowed me to explore relaxation and moving stuck energy through my body that was causing self judgment. Her quiet humour and gentle ways make one relax immediately. I felt I could express to her many things that have been held inside for a long while. I felt seen, heard and respected. I highly recommend these session for anyone who is looking to release trapped energy but a lot if you just want a beautiful relaxing bath and to be ‘pampered’ a bit.

Goddess M , East Coast, Canada

I first met Gaia at a Bachelorette workshop. I will admit I didn’t really expect too much from the class. I thought we would get some tips and tricks and be on our way. But instead we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. Gaia’s ability to connect with each person and provide knowledge and wisdom was incredible. She was able to provide the entire group with sexual feedback that would surely change their sexual relationships from this point forward.  The information she shared spoke directly to those in the room.  Enabling each woman to benefit greatly. I know I did. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Shelby Foster,“Let’s Talk About Sex Bachelorette” ,  Cambridge, ON

My wife and I originally went to Gaia seeking healing for the lasting effects of my wife’s childhood abuse trauma, to remove any shame and blocks inhibiting full enjoyment of her sexuality, and to help her with her body image. While this is still a work in progress, it has succeeded beyond our expectations, and has enabled us to grow enormously in our marriage and sexuality. Gaia is wonderful at creating a safe and comfortable environment for discussion, discovery and healing. She gives you her complete attention and energy while you are with her. Emotions during a session range from fun, exhilarating, titillating, intense – but always effective. She was able to not only address Js issues but help us delve into my own past, the baggage it brought into our marriage, and to understand how our past issues created tension and dysfunction in our relationship. The really great thing is she was able to get us to open up and be thoroughly honest with each other, and through that process we were able to discover so much about each other that our marriage and sexual relationship has taken off in all sorts of wonderful and kinky ways. Our ongoing work with Gaia helps keep us focused on what is important, educates us on various subjects, and continues the journey towards our “succulent” life together! Gaia is great, and we would highly recommend her to anyone.

D & J from Michigan

“Because of Gaia’s unique personality from the beginning I felt very comfortable with topic discussed! We laughed and laughed yet I learn more then I thought about myself and about how to spic up my sex life”

G - bachelorette party in Kitchener

I loved the fact that it was so casual and fun. It was fantastic and Gaia is awesome. I had a blast I am going to plan a party with my friends

T - bachelorette party in Kitchener

My experience with Gaia was magical. I worried that my body had peaked out– only to discover that I am not broken, I am different at this age. I now feel ready to open my awareness and my heart to the wildness of being woman and to the passions of my sexuality. And I can’t wait to try the yoni egg for strengthening and toning inside toward more joy. Bless you, Gaia!!”

A 65-year-old juicy woman in LA

Every once in a while something magical happens. Gaia provided that magic… and for that I will never be the same.I was always thinking that the ultimate goal was the big “O”.Then during our session Gaia whispered in my ear, “just enjoy the pleasure… not the end result.” For a man to hear this new concept was amazing. I don’t have to perform. I can now achieve satisfaction and pleasure without the big “O”. The “magic” part of this… the pleasure does not end.

Captain Pleasure, L.A., California

I enjoyed that we lead the content. Gaia is easy going, easily answered all questions and brought in her own experiences. Our questions were addressed and nothing was off limits.

K- Bachelorette Party in Kitchener

I met Gaia through a dear friend Cyndy Violette. Cyndy had just finished one of Gaia’s retreats in Canada and called me via conference call so I could meet Gaia. We spoke and a few months later she was here in my home in Costa Rica! We put together some work shops and soon had 20 people on my porch listening and learning.

My Name is Sassy Dancing Blossom I am 49 years old and for the first time in my life I was waking up sexually. I remember I kept thinking……I’m 48 and I never knew any of this. I did however consider myself to be a very sexual woman. The day that changed everything was the day I went to my Yoni message appt. I was apprehensive but trusted Gaia completely. What a powerful day! I gave the permission and the healing began! She woke up every part of my body and removed many old and painful blocks that I had collected over my life time. I walked away fully awake!
In one work shop I heard about when you are in tune with your body and your sexuality that you can have an Orgasm when a light breeze blows over the tiny hairs on your body. What are you kidding me! My brain shouted. Well through the loving guidance I received from my power teacher…it happened! It came in a different form but that magical affirming day arrived. I was sitting alone eating a hot juicy burrito. I was very hungry and remember Telling myself to slow down and chew. I lifted the burrito to my mouth and some of the creamy hot liquid ran down my hand. I watched it go a moment frozen time time because my awareness was not on the flavor of my food but this one small drip that was now moving slowly down my hand. I felt it with my whole body and felt my bodies arousal. Wow! Gaia was right! I giggled and silently applauded my growth!

Sassy , Costa Rica

I was molested at the age of three and the resulting imprint in my sexuality has been very difficult to live with. I am really glad to have a confident like Gaia who can listen non-judgmentally to absolutely anything I need to share aloud in order to progress my healing. It is my opinion that Gaia has a wide base of knowledge and experience in the arena of sexual topics and many remedies. She’s given me solid support in my healing quest. She encourages me to take safe steps towards an ever better sexual stand point where I can feel proud, respectful and unburdened. She is a very special person and can be trusted to be safe, comforting and professional.

Goddess E. , Kitchener, Canada

Desire Resort Workshops: I learned so much and it was comfortable. Gaia was a great instructor. So informative and made you feel good. These workshops were the highlight of my vacation, what a great addition.

Mrsbearcat, Desire Resorts, Mexico

Desire resort workshops: ” Gaia is so open and makes you feel VERY comfortable discussing issues and sexuality. These workshops absolutely add value to our vacation experience. So much that my husband and I are going to hire Gaia when we get home for private coaching”

Sheila H., Desire Resorts, Mexico