Is Oral sex demeaning to women by Layne Davis in the Carleton Independent newspaper.

I’m privy to a lot of insightful, hilarious, and absolutely outrageous stories concerning sexuality. Sometimes I solicit this information, other times I really don’t want to know, but hear it anyway. Read more

Sex the single student embarking on a mini sexual revolution

by Layne Davis in the Carleton Independent newspaper. Next to a dominatrix cage in the back room of a sex shop, a bra-less High Priestess of Divine Sexuality and Healing called Gaia taught me that life is better when you’re horny. Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey good for Opening dialogue

by sexy typerwriter in When I saw a silver-haired woman in her sixties casually reading it in an airport lobby, I realized that Fifty Shades of Grey was not going away anytime soon. Read more

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Video interview at Sexapalozza – Ottawa 2012