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Sex Life Rescue

This home-study program with fix your sex life!

Fall in Love with Food , Sex And Money

What is your relationship like with Food, Sex and Money? Discover how this amazing, transformational home-study program can support you new healthier and sexier relationships with food,sex and money

Theta Brain Wave Audio Mediation

This will change every aspect of your life. Listening to 30 minutes a day. This is how I finally found zen after 20 years of healing. With in 30 days I change my whole nervous system. I recommend this product to everyone of my clients. Created by Brain Sync.

Come as you are

Warm, safe, educated staff of sexual enhancement toy store!! p.s. I offer workshop there!!!

Pierre Black

Montreal Naturotherapist specializing in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Naturopathic medicines. He has been important part of my health and wellness team. He will change your life not just your health.


Facebook for kinky people. Amazing place to explore, discover and create community… You are not alone !! p.s. 99% of the world is kinky in some way!! Embrace it and find others!!

Creative Sex Ed

Creative Sex Ed

Sign up today for online sexual workshops and education… Discover sexual knowledge and freedom in the comfort of your own home.

Love Shop

loveshop logo

They are great sponsor and supporter of Succulent living. Sex toys and wonderful online shopping


The American Sexual Health Association promotes the sexual health of individuals, families and communities by advocating sound policies and practices and educating the public, professionals and policy makers, in order to foster healthy sexual behaviors and relationships and prevent adverse health outcomes.site_logo

Good for Her

High end woman sex toy store.

Prestige Cleaning Services

Hiring them was the best thing I have ever done! It has help to bring harmony to my house! Getting more done in my business ! But most important  I have more time for sex and pleasure! If you want more sex and sexy time then hire a cleaning service . In the KW area Prestige is the best! 519-241-5740 Tell them Gaia sent you and they will take good care of you.

Mr Paul Radkowski, Marriage & Family Therapist

As an internationally awarded psychotherapist, I help clients redefine how they live their lives. I enjoy working with older children, adolescents, couples, families as well as individual adults. I will help you to challenge the problematic assumptions and ways of being that prevent you from realizing the full potential of your life. I work from a collaborative stance that assumes you are the expert on your life and share my own expertise in helping people overcome emotional problems, troublesome habits and relationship roadblocks to help you create new solutions to what used to be old problems. Learn more and to contact Paul Radkowski

Susan McQuay, Part of my awesome health team.

Susan McQuay has been practicing massage for 24 years. Her passion is promoting wellness in all area of life. She combines hot stone protocols with a full body massage which provides a very healing and effective experience. Susan can be reached at 519-591-4086 . “P.s. this is the massage therapist that I would recommend if you have past sexual abuse or trauma that you are not comfortable with touch she is gifted in creating a safe space”. Gaia

Precision Hair Gallery

For all you sexy hair design and styling needs ask for Aaron Dorion. Tell him Gaia sent you!!

355 Erb St W ,Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 1W4  ,519-208-7170


Kathleen Calabrese, PhD LMFT

3800 Delaware Ave., Suite 102 A

Buffalo, New York 14217

Is amazing woman and therapist that I truly support her life’s work. Dr Calabrese have mutual clients that we work together to make a healing ,supportive a team!! Go TEAM GO!!!!!

Birth Happy Mama

Shelby Foster, Reiki Master
Shelby Foster is a concious parenting advocate who believes strongly that the path to having

happy, healthy kids starts with having happy, healthy parents. Shelby recognizes that our own emotions conduct how we react and/or respond to our children as well as ourselves. Shelby has made it her mission to help women have happier and healthier relationships with their children by helping women explore their own emotions, behaviours and actions. Shelby is fascinated by how fear affects the body and works closely with families prior to birth as well as after to enhance their birth and post-partum experience. Shelby has her Honours B.A. in Child and Youth Studies as well as a number of healing modalites which expand her knowledge and give her a unique approach to health and well-being. Helping you ‘Birth the Happy Way’

AL Link and Pala Copeland: Owners , Teachers and Authors at 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra.

They are my mentors and now  my dear colleagues.  Tantra education, books, audio, video, couples relationship products… I recommend their books and product that they have created and written.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D

you can find  this life changing book on Amazon if you want to learn about workshops and other events please visit

BC 2014 bob pic

Robert McArthur RSSW, ICADC

Robert grew up in an alcoholic home, and then became a substance abuser himself. In 1988 he embarked on a road to recovery. Since becoming clean and sober, Robert returned to school and with his education and experience he began working in the addiction profession in 1990. He has experience with in-patient, outpatient, individual & group counselling as well as lecturing and facilitating workshops. Using Robert’s educational background accompanied with his addiction experience, he is helping others on their own road to recovery. To contact Robert McArthur