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Healing from sexual abuse, sexual trauma or sexual interference can feel very scary and lonely. Past traumatic experiences can affect all areas of your life. This includes areas such as your sexuality, your ability to connect with others, trust, relationships, feeling safe to ask what you want or need. For some just being able to be present in a moment can feel almost impossible. My area of expertise is in healing sexual trauma, abuse and interference. I would like to take a moment to define these terms:

Sexual Trauma: I define sexual trauma as any experience that you did not feel safe, or heard, or respected and as result it created emotional distress in the moment and still does.

Traumatic experience: Any event or experience that you felt unsafe, and created emotional distress in the moment and you might still have. This can be physical, sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sexual Abuse: Any sexual experience that you did not want to happen that you could not say NO to or if you did it was not respected. This could experience can be in childhood, youth, adulthood.

Sexual Interference: This is usually any experience with someone older then you being sexually inappropriate with you. It may include being forced to watch adult sexual activity. It can be being sexualized by someone, or by coming across sexual activity like in pornography before you are sexual mature to understand what it is. I like to say if at any time someone or something made you feel yiky with any unhealthy sexual undertone that is considered sexual interference.

It is important to understand what some reactions to traumatic experiences might include:

  • Not liking or wanting to be touched or engage in sexual activity.
  • Not being physically or emotionally present during sexual activities
  • Becoming extremely overly sexual
  • No matter how much sex activity you have it is never enough
  • Non orgasmic or orgasm difficulties
  • Erection and Ejaculation difficulties
  • Just to name a few…

I was sexual and ritual abused as a child and I my true understand and tools that I share with my clients is not just from my schooling or formal education. It is the tools that I have used to reclaim my sexual wellness and heal the terror and quiet the monsters. Take my hand and I promise to always hold on. I will walk on this healing journey with you so that you can reclaim, heal and celebration your sexuality. It time for you to learn how to conquer your past trauma that is interfering in your life.

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