Frisky Fridays 

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Explore , Expand, Grow and Heal as a couple. Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette covers all things that help to support a wild ,sexy and connect relationship.

Join Gaia every Friday morning between 8am- 8:45 EST to explore many topics that affect happy sexy and epic relationship.

Here are a few topics already covered:

* What are the top 4 ingredients to having a epic sex life? 
* Sexless relationships
* How to become French Vanilla
* Stop Valentines day drama
* Clear Communication
*Vulnerability and Risking support epic orgasmic sex life
* no more pressure and goal driven sex
*What is Vanilla sex?
*What is French Vanilla Sex?
*What is Kinky ?
*How to create your sexual adventure bag?
*How to make money sexy and happy topic in your relationship not a fight or stress?
*Sexless Relationship step two exercise
*Masturbation within a relationship.
*The benefits of mutual masturbation