Welcome to Succulent Boot Camps

Each Boot camp is a full day of learning, laughing and personal development! Woohoo! Come register for a pre scheduled boot camp or Host one in your community today!

Happiness Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! Boot Camp:
Are you tired of being miserable?

Gaia Morrissette invites you to participate in an epic full day workshop experience while discovering seven (7) fun and easy tools that will support true happiness into your daily life! You are on your way to the happiness you deserve in your life! Here is a quick peek at what we will explore together:

  • Why you are unhappy
  • How to change it
  • Practice Gaia’s book, “Stop! Drop & Wiggle! 7 Easy Step To Happiness
  • You will walk away with seven (7) proven tools to positively change your life, beginning now.
  • Lots of Laughter!

Costs: $175.00 per person Includes: Happiness Workbook, Signed Copy of “Stop! Drop! & Wiggle!” book, arts and craft supplies, light snacks, water, tea and coffee (remember you can book one in your community!)


Sexual Wellness Boot Camp:
Do you ever wish you had more passion in your life?

Then come spend the day explore the 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness. Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration and Sacred. Learn how your sexual wellness is directly connected to your passion, creativity and physical, emotional and spiritual health. Discover why you want it? How to get it! All the benefits! Here are some of the benefits of sexual wellness we will explore :

  • More physical energy
  • Happier in all areas of your life
  • More physical health and longevity
  • Lots and lots of Orgasmic Experiences
  • Deeper connection in your relationship with others
  • Supports improved general wellbeing and joy
  • Increases imagination and creativity
  • Boost self-esteem and self confidence

You might ask how are we going to do that? Well we will accomplish this through talking, education and interactive practice exercises. All tools you learn at Sexual Wellness Boot camp you will be able to practice at home and integrate into your daily life.

Important: There is no nudity or actual sexual activity happens during this boot camp* Everyone’s comfort levels are respected! Costs: $175.00 per person includes Sexual Wellness Workbook, Arts and craft supplies, Light snacks, Water, tea and coffee (Remember you can book one in your community!)

Sex Written in BlocksSex Boot Camp:
Are you unsure of your sexual skills?

Come get the sex education you wish you had known when you were young. Sex Boot Camp is discovering how to become an incredible lover!

Here are the topics will cover from both the female and male perspective:

  • Kissing
  • Foreplay
  • Orgasm
  • Oral sex
  • Intercourse
  • Anal sex
  • light kinky sex (may include food, spanking, bondage and blind folds)

You will walk away well educated, full of new sexual knowledge and the confidence to share it!

Important: there is no personal nudity or actual sexual activity happenings during this boot camp.* Everyone’s comfort levels are respected!

Costs: $175.00 per person

Includes: Sex Boot camp workbook, Arts and craft supplies, Light snacks, Water, tea and coffee.