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Instructional DVDs for Sale!!

Female Ejaculation
- Simple step by step instructions to sexy squirting! $29.95 (co-produced by Gaia)

Woman And Sex Toys - In depth 101 toy education in all areas of care, use and types including common household items. Includes live demo's of different position and ways to experience pleasure. $29.95
(Gaia co-produced and stars in)

Succulent Living Products for Sale!

Clay Vaginal Weightlifting Sytem
-Tighten, Heal, Increase Orgasmic pleasure , Female ejaculation and lubricate your yoni (vaginal)
Hand crafted with love by Gaia $37.00 

Succulent Living

  Sexual Wellness Coaching &

Tantra Exploration

Healing Bodywork

Healing Bodywork is a hands on touch technique that is combined with breath, colour, sound and visualization work. The purpose is to support and release your body, mind, soul of any blockages that are stopping you from experiencing a life of pleasure and joy. Three of the bodywork treatments that Succulent Living offers :

Yoni Massage for woman and couples:

Sacred Healing Tantra Yoni (vulva) Massage :

As women, we hold and store negativity in the cells of our yonis (vaginas) through thought, feeling, and experience. The sacred yoni massage helps, supports, and encourages women to release and move through negative blockages so they can begin to be the juicy sex goddesses that they, like all women, are meant to be.

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Tantra Spanking for men , couples and woman :

NEW Tantra Spanking:

I have developed this new treatment to help and support men to remove their emotional body armors, so they may open their hearts and body to experience  joy and pleasure fully...

This new treatment is a combo of Tantra and Intense sensory awakening . Exploring working with and moving sexual energy in the body, mind and spirit, letting go of power and control and experience the delightful dance of pain and pleasure!

Help me fine tune this new promising treatment.  I am looking for new clients /guinea pigs to practice on! ( I need both men and woman)   
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Lingam Massage for men and couples:

Sacred Healing Tantra Lingam (penis) Massage:

We hold and store negativity, pain, trauma and experiences in the cells of our bodies. The sacred lingam massage is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to assist men in going beyond sexual gratification into a state of deep connection with their bodies and their sexuality. The Lingam Massage is a full body massage that includes the lingam, to gently encourage the client to let go of any traumas, emotions, beliefs and pain that may hinder personal, emotional, relationship, spiritual and sexual growth. (Only for men that want to learn how to practice tantra in their own life. That truly want to learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm!!)
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The purpose of all Succulent Living bodywork is to heal...

* I am a Sacred Bodyworker, Tantra teacher,Sexual healer, Dating and Relationship Coach & Succulent Living Coach. I am not a sex therapist. I work hands on but I always have my clothes on and maintain clear boundaries to support a healthy client/ healer relationship. I will never have a sexual relationship with a client.  

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