Why you might be having no sex?

So as a sexual wellness coach, I have many couples come see me because they are unhappy or unsatisfied in their sexual relationship with one another.  I want to share a story about one couple I worked with. The overall problem was they were not have good or often sex. Here is what we figured out she hate his facial hair it hurt her skin when he kissed her or went to lick her honey pot so she would push him away every time he would make a move. He was always feeling rejected and hurt that she didn’t want him. I asked her why she never told him . she said I did . I ask how ? She saids ” I think you are really sexy when you shave”. When he shaved I would kiss him and have sex with him. I turn to him and say “so what do you think?”  He says I had no idea at all that you felt that or needed that  from me , if that is all it will take  for me to have great sex I will shave no problem.” After that session they starting having sex and often and still are. Sometimes all it takes is clear communication. Remember we usually think we are being clear but until you ask what did you think I said and they reply so you know you are on the same page it always just assumptions. I would love to hear your thoughts or any your experiences with miscommunication.

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