I want to start sharing very something personal

I want to start sharing something very personal:  I have be on a journey of being in the flow with my flow… my menstrual flow. I want to start to sharing and talking about how this has effected and is effecting all areas of my life both professional and personal. It has been amazing
Over the next 30 days I am going to share my experience with you. The good the bad the ugly . I promise to be totally honest and raw .  So if you don’t want to know I will always have the word flow in the title of the blog so you don’t have to read it..
I just started my fifth cycle so I am bleeding… I have entered into the first chamber surrendering… today and tomorrow I will go within and not engage with the world . my only job is to take care of me and totally allow my mind, body and spirit to purge last month crap… without judgement…….. to learn more about this teaching and process visit Alexandra Elizabeth Pope and her red school . I will share my insights from the next two days on Tuesday have a great couple of days.. muah
Here is to letting it hang out!!!
Until next time!!
Stay honest and of course sexy!

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