Gaia’s Last Weekend Adventure

Gaia’s Last Weekend Adventure

So this past weekend I felt like a rock star… I was one of the amazing speakers this last Saturday #PowerUp Conference in Guelph what a great day of discovery. Tons of people all day long kept coming up to me being sooooo excited to meet me and could not wait for my talk.. It felt awesome and little uncomfortable. I was surprised I felt uncomfortable with so much attention… if you know me, well you might be saying to yourself what? I know right… I usually and a attention slut….So after sitting with it I realized that why I was a little uncomfortable. You see when people don’t except me to be awesome then I always surprise them by how awesome, inspiring and entertaining I am. Then they are awe and amazed. But now they had expectation of me and a very tiny voice inside said what if you don’t met their expectations..

I say Fuck it! I am not responsible to meet anyone expectation .. My only responsibility is to just show up being the true me.. If others enjoy, learn and are inspired by the true me then that is a happy bonus!! I lovingly invite you to look at,  do you stop ourselves from sharing and being our true selves for fear that others will create expectation of us… If so I want you to say Fuck it!! I am Not my Responsible to meet others expectations.

I know once I let go of the fear of my meeting others expectation sooooooo much freedom. My only responsibility is to just be ME.!!!!! Which can be super easy once and freeing all I had to do is STOP worrying or taking on the responsibility of what others want or think of ME!!!

Until next time, Stay Sexy!!

Gaia Shawna Morrissette

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  1. In my former life, my ex husband and co-workers were jealous or hated the way I dressed and how open I was about sexuality. That was 12 years ago, my current hubby is very open minded and tells me to be true to myself and dress to my comfort level which is revealing and sexy and I openly discuss sexuality with others who are of like mind. I couldn’t be happier ! So I meet my own expectations and love it. 🙂


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