5 reasons every woman needs a pair of Vibrating Panties!

5 reasons every woman needs a pair of Vibrating Panties!

One of the many great parts of my job as a Sexual Wellness Coach is that I get to test products for the Love Shop, and they have asked me to test vibrating panties. Wooohooo! I love my job! Now anyone who knows me well knows I never wear panties. There is now an exception to my rule. Vibrating Panties make life exciting!!! Here are some of the ways that my already very pleasure-filled life is now even better:

  • Driving – Important safety tip: make sure you don’t close your eyes while you orgasm. If your orgasms are super intense and your body spasms, then don’t use them while driving. Just make sure the panties are on a low speed so they can send pleasure that can make driving in rush hour enjoyable not dangerous. I was in the parking lot at Value Village and I had a 35 minute drive ahead of me, so I thought “let’s try out my new vibrating panties from the love shop.” I put them on in the parking lot and turned them on to make sure it wouldn’t be too intense and OMG it was just right. I had about 20 mini-orgasms while driving. Best drive ever.
  • Paperwork – I usually hate it! Not anymore, thank you vibrating panties.
  • Computer/Administration work- Desk work has become a wonderful thing in my life because of the Vibrating Panties.
  • Giving oral sex – I have always loved giving an epic blow job, but now because I am having little orgasms from the VP ( Vibrating Panties) I enjoy it even more. Not to mention my lover is enjoying watching me writhe and moan because I am sooo turned on…This can also be very helpful for women who do not enjoy giving a blow job. Being turned on and receiving pleasure can make the experience more fun and enjoyable so everyone is cuming. For tips and tricks on giving the best blow job read this.
  • Doing chores – if you are like me and don’t enjoy cleaning or running around doing errands (without the kids of course) then guess what? All you need to do to turn that frown upside down is pull on your VP and turn them on!!!

Okay, a couple of things to understand about picking the right vibrating panties:

  • The right fit: If you are a more voluptuous woman, make sure you get the right size so they fit comfortably. It hard to have pleasure if they are cutting into you! If you are a small-medium, most “one size fits all” should fit you.
  • The sound: How quiet is the vibration? The more quiet it is the more places you can wear them in your life and no one will know, which is part of the naughty, playful excitement of it all. Teehee, just think about how much fun your next boring business meeting could be.
  • Variable speeds: Yes, you want variable speed and intensity settings so you can have options depending on how and why you are wearing them. Variety is the spice of life!!
  • Power Control: You have two options, a remote control which can be lots of fun if you want to give the power over to your lover (there is even a cell phone app now). Or you can go old school where you control the VP manually.
  • Waterproof: I would recommend that the panties are not waterproof, but the vibrator in them is. It could get very, very wet…here’s hoping!!


As you can see, you can now make life more naughty, playful and fun with your new Vibrating Panties. If there is an activity in your life that is boring or annoying, try switching it up by putting on your VP and see how life can change.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback love to here from you… 1-519-998-8619

P.S. If you are having trouble having orgasms I truly believe VP can help you out by building more arousal levels in your life and also you might want to check out ( I am changing shopping carts so this product is not available at the moment until Feb 20th,2016  sorry The O-Report ) with help articles and tools,tricks and exercises to support your orgasmic life!!

P.S.S. My favourite pair are
Until next time stay sexy!
Gaia Shawna Morrissette



  1. Interesting. I have heard of these but never read a review. You’ve done a bang up job give us the skinny on this innovative underwear!

  2. OMG, I’d better not, because I’m a more-is-better pleasure junkie and would always turn them up enough that I’d be moaning and closing my eyes and giving in to the orgasm whenever it was available.

    No. I won’t. Nuh-uh. Better not. 🙂

  3. OMG Gaia! You are just too much and AWESOME all at the same time… Dr. Ruth and June Clever mixed – what a combination. Love it — and well all I can think of is the movie Ugly Truth where she drops her remote control to her panties and the little kid at the next table finds it and is playing with the power controls.. love it girl-friend. You Rock!


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