How hiring a house keeper can save your marriage/relationship!

How hiring a house keeper can save your marriage/relationship!

Once upon a time I was incredibly pissed off all the time because my husband and I used to fight regularly over… household chores. No matter how many charts or reward programs I created nothing seemed to make it better. Then one magical moment I decided I was going to hire someone to come clean my house… and *choirs singing*… the clouds parted and the sun came out and that piece of my marriage was saved.

It has been amazing. For a small fee, the piece of mind, the reduced stress and the pure delight of coming home every two weeks to a sparkling clean house has been one of the best choices I have ever made. Now we have more time for other things and of course a lot more sexy time. And we have lived happily ever after with the help the Prestige Cleaning Services (

The End

Now I want you to think about:

  •  How many fight have you had in your relationship over household chores?
  •  How many times have you been annoyed because of housework?
  •  How often are you downright pissed off because of the chores not being done?
  •  How often have you not wanted to have sex either because you have chores to do or because you felt nagged to do them?

Imagine if all of that was swept away. You would have free time for yourself and more desire for sexy time. One less thing for you both to fight about and so much more closeness which can lead to more sex!!

It is important not to feel like house cleaning is only meant for the affluent and that reaching out for support to keep your house clean does not mean you have failed in some way. You do not need to struggle when there is a very easy and simple solution available. Consider this, when you go out for dinner or order take out because you have other things to do besides cook, does this make you a snob or awful person that can’t take care of yourself or your family? NOOOOOO!!! So why would getting some support with the cleaning be any different?

I give you permission to stop the fights and distress in your relationship over house work and go ahead and hire someone to support you. P.S. It’s way cheaper than marriage and relationship therapy.

If you are in the KW Ontario, Canada area I highly recommend Prestige Cleaning Services. If you are looking for someone in your own area then I recommend the following:

  • Confirm they are they bonded with a police background check.
  • Ask for references from current clients.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they have no complaints.

Until next time… Do less cleaning and have more sexy time!!


Gaia Shawna Morrissette

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