Are you afraid to be yourself?

Are you afraid to be yourself?

Stop being afraid to be yourself!! You are amazing!!

I want to share with you a wonderful lesson I recently learned on how important it is to be your authentic self in all areas of life, including business. When I was given permission to be myself in business it turns out that people naturally want to connect with me and learn who I am and why I am passionate about life. Who knew?!?

People seem to be genuinely interested in learning about my transformation and journey which led to my career as a sexual wellness coach. I was participating in a webinar with the amazing business coach Bill Baren. He was explaining studies on how the brain of a listener will sync up with the brain of the speaker when the conversation is presented in the form of a story. The listener becomes more connected and receptive to learning the new information. And the best stories are about your own life and transformation.

I have always taught my clients to do this in their personal lives by risking, sharing and letting their gifts shine. I also feel this is something I do very well in my own personal life. However, I had been taught that in the business world I am not supposed to be so bold and free and that it is necessary to tone down who I am because others might be afraid or uncomfortable. It turns out that by doing so I am not giving others around me the opportunity to heal or grow and I am denying them permission to be brave and let their own awesome self shine. It is an injustice to all my past, present and future clients. Being true to myself is what makes me special in the world in a way that only I can do.

Each one of us is unique and one of a kind. When we waste so much time and energy keeping up with the Jones or trying to be like someone else we deny the world and the people around us the unique gifts that we each have to offer. This may be why you feel numb or dead inside or why you are worried, stressed and tired all the time. It is a lot of work to maintain the false, untrue version of yourself. It is better to spend that time on rediscovering and developing the gifts and talents that make you special and awesome. It requires much less effort and energy to just be yourself.

OK. So you might be thinking “What if the other people in my life don’t like the true me?” “What if they judge me?” Just remember that when others attack us it is because of their own fears or insecurities; it has nothing to do with you!!! Don’t internalize it. Lovingly walk away from those conversation and do not engage. Each and every one of us is special and a miracle in the world.

If you are having a hard time believing this statement, contact me and let me support you. You can reach me at 519-998-8619 or, .

I am super excited to accept permission and start applying this new knowledge to my business. World, I am now giving myself permission to be my awesome, playful, mischievous, inspiring, creative, sensual, sexual self in every aspect of my life! Woohoo! Thank you Bill Baren.

I would like to share with you a piece of my own journey of transformation:

My new book Stop! Drop! & Wiggle 7 Easy steps to Happiness was published this year and -whew- what an adventure that was; all the fear, worry stress and the millions of bat shit crazy thought which that entailed. I am now getting ready to start a media campaign for the book and all my fears of not being good enough, what if the world doesn’t like me and what if they don’t like the book have driven me to creating sound bites, improving my public speaking, becoming more polished and attending workshops on media.

Even though I gained a lot of great new knowledge it was being driven from a place of fear and the more I did to try and change myself the greater the feeling of being not good enough became. The fear did not subside until I started to say out loud “I am good enough!” and “I am perfect just as I am!”

The moral of the story is I need to be brave and be myself and those in the world that are ready to be inspired will be excited to meet me!

Remember there is a place in the world that only your awesome self can fill!!


Until next time stay sexy!! Gaia Shawna Morrissette


  1. Thank you for reminding us that we need to be our authentic selves throughout our lives only that way can be true to ourselves.

    • You are very welcome Betty thank you taking the time to learn a comment… Stay awesome always

  2. Awesome! Congrats on your transformation! I will admit that I go back and forth — one day, I’m super excited about who I am and the next day, I’m finding fault — and then I stop the internal chatter and love myself — and then … well — it’s a work in progress! But thanks for sharing this encouragement today.

    • Trina thank you.. That is what the growing,development and Transformation looks and feels like you are on the right track.. Keep it up and one day you will only go forward in know you are awesome always!!!

  3. Very inspiring Gala, and congratulations on your book! Learning to accept ourselves is tough enough for most people, but then mustering the courage to be who we really are on a daily basis with what we show the world and the choices we make is on another level entirely. Scary, absolutely – but oh so worth it!

    • You are welcome and thanks for your thoughts and words. Have a epic day!!

    • It’s good to see someone thnnikig it through.

  4. I love this article! It shows such inspiration and introspection as well as wisdom. I can’t wait to read your book!

    • Thank for the kind words and I look forward to hear your thought after you read my book.

  5. Love this post and very timely for me as I have been a bit too much of the shrinking violet and hiding my light 🙂 I was told people were scared of me and recently found this had me being fearful of me!


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