Say Yes to Pleasure

Say Yes to Pleasure

Good Day Sexy Reader

Today I would like to explore pleasure. When I say the word pleasureeeeeee what is the first thing that pops into your head?   For me it is the tingling sensations in my body, mmmm delightful yumminess, tears of joy and movement from the sounds around me, the giddy glee of feeling the warm rain on my skin…. If I allow myself to receive all the pleasure possibilities that can happen in my body and senses then yes that pleasure can turn into sexual arousal orgasmic pleasure. Yeppie

We can not truly experience epic orgasmic pleasure in life ,if your body and mind doesn’t allow you to surrender daily to your  bodies 5 senses

  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch

So I lovingly invited you to start to say YES!!! to all the pleasure sensation that can happen every day !! Every moment of the day our bodies are experiencing sensory input which can be enjoyable , unpleasant or we ignore them all together . Most of us ignore them all together because we are very disconnected from our bodies sensory input. This can be for sooo many reasons example:  illness, pain, trauma, not safe  or it has always been more important to be in your brain and not in your body … to name a few.   So lets work on awareness today.

Here is a great exercise to start see how many sensory input pleasure moments you can have every day!

  • Program your cell phone to go off every 2 hours
  • When your alarm goes off I want you to take 30 seconds to tap into your senses: what do you feel,see,hear,taste,smell
  • Allow yourself permission to find joy and pleasure in that moment. It is important to move pass any unpleasant sensory input, reach out and find at least something enjoyable in that sensory moment , there is always something

The more you do this exercise,  the more you will find you  are laughing more, enjoying the little things of life and yes your start to feel alive with orgasmic possibilities. WOOHOO

My next post we will talk about how to find joy and pleasure in each moment of your day .  You will be awed and  amazed at how simple it will be.

Until next time, Have a happy sensual bum wiggling day!!

Gaia Shawna Morrissette

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