Laughter the miracle cure

Laughter the miracle cure

I want to share a personal story about the power of laughter!! Last Saturday me and group of friends laughed for 3.5 hours non stop , face hurting, knee slapping laughter.. I felt high as if I had taken drugs and my senses and body where tingling and super alive,  this amazing experience lasted all the next day. It truly is amazing the power that laughter can change our biochemicals in our brain in body!!! So start laughing !!!!

When we laugh it changes our brain chemistry and our bodies start to produce all sorts of feel good hormones as well as reducing many of the negative hormones associated with stress. The  bio chemical reaction in our bodies not only effects our moods but also how well our bodies function. This is why it is very important to laugh for at least 60 seconds to really allow these changes to become present in our bodies…..Plus it is very hard to stay miserable when you are laughing.

9781452595122_COVER.inddOkay, my pretties, now it is time to practice our laughing exercise!
1. Wiggle your bum
2. Find your inner child and give me a “HA-HA-HA!”
3. Go for it! Laugh from the bottom of your belly, letting out your inner cackle.
4. Try as many different types of laughter as you can and just let it take over.
~~Taken from Stop! Drop! & Wiggle

Some times is may be hard to laugh with no outside funny exposure… So I recorded a Laugh track ( I am changing shopping carts so this product is not available at the moment until Feb 20th,2016  sorry )that will help you because laughter is contagious . All you have to do is download it on to your digital devices and press play

I know if can be scary or uncomfortable to laugh to let go of control for soooo many reasons. If this rings true for you I am here to support your happiness , joy and pleasure. Also my published book Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! 7 Easy Steps to Happiness , has many easy tools to support your happiness

So wiggle until you giggle and allow the laughter to flow. I give you permission to feel good.

Have a very happy bum wiggling day!!

Gaia Shawna Morrissette


  1. How wonderful, reading this made me realise I need to do some more laughing , thank you Okay I am laughing now:)

  2. I see all around me that so many people have forgotten how to laugh and how wonderful it can make a person feel.
    I love the sound of laughter, I love laughing and I love to feel good. Next time I feel that I need a good laugh, to raise those endorphins, I shall definitely be listening to this laugh track… LOL

  3. Great message and image Gaia! There are so many ways laughter and a sense of humor contribute to our well being even in the most extreme cases. I study emotional resilience and humor is a critical factor- for example Viktor Frankl talks about the value of humor even in his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp; and Gerald Coffee tells several stories in his book and motivational talks about what a positive difference humor made to those who were POWs in Vietnam. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration!

  4. What a fun post! You’ll have to try Laughter Yoga. Feels good – stretching and laughing and letting it all out.


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